Over the last twenty years, Joe Balog has gained recognition as possibly the most recognized Great Lakes bass angler of all time. During that time, Balog has appeared in hundreds of publications, and on television and radio shows across
the nation. In addition, Balog has appeared in and written some of the most-
viewed columns on bass fishing ever to appear on the Internet.

Balog is an incredibly popular seminar speaker as well, once earning a living
as a full-time performer at sport shows across the country. In addition, he’s an inventor and important part of R&D teams for many of the fishing industry’s
largest manufacturers. Balog’s operated as a licensed captain and guide on the
Great Lakes, a celebrity MC at major fishing events and sponsor coordinator for numerous organizations.

In early 2000, Joe Balog started his own agency, Millennium Promotions, Inc.,
to specifically cater to the needs of fishing-industry clients. Since that time, Millennium has grown to one of the largest independent promotional firms
in the outdoor industry. A list of current clients includes industry giants Plano Synergy, Fishing Holdings, Johnson Outdoors, Mercury Marine and more.

In addition to working in the open-water fishing industry, Balog further expanded his reach to include many of the ice fishing industry's leading manufacturers, as well as those in the waterfowl industry. Working currently as the Waterfowl Editor for Realtree.com, Joe has seen considerable growth for Millennium in the hunting
sector since 2009.