FACT: The outdoor industry is huge, and manufacturers regularly see tremendous gains when advertising there, at a fraction of the cost of advertising in other arenas. But it’s often difficult to take the first step.

Let Millennium Promotions help. We’ve been actively involved in all sides of the hunting and fishing industries for over 20 years. We know this business from the both the customer and manufacturing side, and are veterans to hundreds of consumer and industry trade shows and special events.

Our event experience includes everything from grass-roots style fishing tournaments to corporate sponsor planning at the BassMaster Classic. In addition, we work both with the media and as the media at many of these functions.

Need help gaining sponsors for a new tournament trail? Want to ensure the supporters you have stay updated? Looking to break into outdoor sports as a way of advertising? Or perhaps you need help planning a special event that focuses on fishing or hunting, while doing business at the same time.

Millennium can help you with all of these. For us, it’s just another day at the office.

Fishing Seminar on big water techniques

Fishing Seminar on big water techniques

MC WORK AT THE CENTRAL    Basin Bass Benefit Event

MC WORK AT THE CENTRAL Basin Bass Benefit Event